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ClearSoft Water Conditioning is a family-owned business based in Chaska, Minnesota, in the southwest suburbs of the Twins Cities. We work hard to maintain that neighborly small-town concern for our customers. Since we opened our doors in 1977, we strive to deliver something that is hard to find today – well designed, quality products backed with fast reliable, professional service.

Well Water Servicing & Installation

With over 30 years of experience selling and servicing well-water applications, ClearSoft Water is the only call you need to make to have your WELL WATER PROBLEMS SOLVED! Our Iron Curtain filter systems regenerate every three days using no salt or chemicals, making them a “Green Technology” with low-cost operation. They remove iron, sulfur odor, black manganese and more from your well water. We can test your water and size an application that will work best for your home and family.

Tannins in Well Water

Tannins in water mean special considerations when designing your home water system. Tannins can hinder the effectiveness of standard water conditioning equipment and may require a specialized system for effective removal.

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ProMate DMT

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