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ClearSoft Water Conditioning is a family-owned business based in Chaska, Minnesota, in the southwest suburbs of the Twins Cities. We work hard to maintain that neighborly small-town concern for our customers. Since we opened our doors in 1977, we strive to deliver something that is hard to find today – well designed, quality products backed with fast reliable, professional service.

ProMate Water Softeners

ProMate 7.0 Dual Tank Water Softening System

High performance twin alternating softeners are designed with proven technology and unmatched performance on city or well water, utilizing a twin-tank system that ensures you never run out of soft water again. Save on salt, energy and water using 100% of available capacity with uninterrupted on-demand efficiency.

  • ProMate 7.0 TA control automatically handles the entire regeneration process
  • Superior flow technology Vortech tanks
  • Premium 10% cross linked softening resin is stronger and lasts longer than the 8% or less that our competitors use, and ensures better water pressure over the life of your softener
  • Up to 17% savings on salt and water usage over a single-tank on demand system
  • Hellenbrand’s 10 year tank and 5 year parts warranties are backed by ClearSoft’s 5 year labor warranty, ensuring peace of mind for your family’s water for years to come.
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Save Salt and Save Energy with the ProMate 6.0

  • Uses less water per regeneration than our other models
  • 10% cross-linked premium resin – More Durable – Lasts longer than standard 80% resin
  • Vortech distributer that helps to keep your premium resin clean for optimum performance
  • Scrolling backlit display showing our ClearSoft Water phone number. Should you need a drinking water system or salt delivery, you can call for prompt service.
  • Digital display and user-friendly electronics automatically monitor water-treatment function.
  • Permanent memory backup of all programmed settings during power outages with no need for battery backup.
  • Unit uses less than $2.00 of electricity per year.
  • Prefill before regeneration to prevent salt bridges.
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The ProMate 6.0 is available with several upgrades, including:
ProMate DMT

  • Two systems in one SAVES you Money
  • Condition your water and remove chlorine in one system
  • Carbon layer is effective in reducing harmful substances commonly found in city water supplies
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Vortech Tank
ProMate EMT

Water Softeners

H-100 Series softeners are economical and efficient solutions for your hard water.

  • Variable reserve automatically adjusts to your family’s changing water needs
  • 45 selectable programming options ensure conditioned water for your family’s needs
  • Display indicates time of day and gallons remaining
  • Pre-fill brine tank with softened water reduces salt-bridging problems and cleaning of brine tank
  • Permanent memory backup of all programmed settings during power outages with no need for battery
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WaterMate 1 time-clock softeners are time-tested softening solutions for the budget-minded.

  • Solid one-piece non-corrosive Noryl valve body assures durability and long life
  • Time-controlled brine refill assures accurate salting
  • Rugged 3/8” gears assures accurate alignment with no stripping
  • Full flow bypass valve is standard.
H100 Water Softener
WaterMate 1 Tank
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