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ClearSoft Water Conditioning is a family-owned business based in Chaska, Minnesota, in the southwest suburbs of the Twins Cities. We work hard to maintain that neighborly small-town concern for our customers. Since we opened our doors in 1977, we strive to deliver something that is hard to find today – well designed, quality products backed with fast reliable, professional service.

Water Conditioning FAQ’s

Water softener not working?


Here are a few things you can check:

Test the outlet. Test the outlet that the softener is plugged into with something like a blow dryer to see if the outlet is actually working.


  • If the outlet is not working, the circuit breaker may be tripped. You will need to reset the breaker or find the outlet with the GFI “Reset” and reset the power.
  • If the outlet is working, check for a salt bridge. A salt bridge occurs when the salt at the bottom of the salt tank wicks up water and forms a solid, compact layer. It creates a “bridge” above the water. Your softener may be cycling as normal, but with the water not coming into contact with the salt it cannot produce brine and therefore cannot cleanse the media to produce softened water.

To get rid of a salt bridge:

  • Move the salt out of the way until you get to the compact layer at the bottom. You will need to use a broom handle or something like it to break apart the hard layer of salt. Remove the large chunks and get rid of them.
  • Caution: There is a white grid platform at the bottom of some salt tanks. You will want to be careful not to bust through the platform.
  • You can also try pouring 1 to 2 gallons of hot tap water in to the salt tank to attempt to dissolve the bridge. Do not pour too much water or it will start to coming out the overflow elbow.

How to turn off your water softener:

  • All professionally installed water softeners should have some type of by-pass valve.
  • The by-pass valve is located behind the water softener’s control service, where the water softener connects to the water pipes.
  • Unplugging a water softener will NOT prevent the water softener from using water. You need to put the machine in by-pass.

How to by-pass your softener:

  • Your softener should have one of the following types of by-pass valves:
    • By-pass lever: Turn the lever to the by-pass position
    • Push-type by-pass: Push and slide the button into the by-pass position.
    • Twist valve by-pass: Turn the dials to the by-pass position.
  • If your water softener is leaking water and the bypass is stuck or does not shut off the flow of water to the softener, you may need to shut off the water to the entire house and call us for service.
  • Important: Unplugging a water softener does not turn off the water softener.

Why does my softener regenerate in the middle of the day?

    • If you have the WaterMate and you water softener is regenerating any time other that between the hours of 2am – 5am you will need to adjust the time-of-day on your water softener.
    • To set the time on the WaterMate:
      • Press the red button and hold it in. This allows you to rotate the dial so that the time-of-day changes in the window on the front of the controller. The time shown on the controller should always reflect the “current” time.
    • To set the time on the ProMate and H-100
      • Press the “Set Clock” button until the hours start flashing. Then, press the Up or Down arrow key to change the hour. Press “Next” and repeat the procedure for minutes. Press “Next” again to return to the standard display screen.

“My water is too soft!”

    • Soft water is water free of hardness minerals. When your water had hardness, the soap and detergents will meld with minerals and leave a film on your skin, hair, fixtures. Soft water makes the soap and detergents rinse freely, leaving only your natural oils which make your skin and hair feel slippery or silky. If you are using too much soap or detergent, it can be difficult to rinse out all the soap. You will need to cut back on your detergents and bath products. With soft water you will cut your soap use in half! There is no such thing as water that is “too soft”. All water softeners are designed to take the hardness level to zero. If the hardness level is not zero, but somewhere between the raw water hardness and virtual zero, something may be wrong with the water softener.

Do we sell or recommend salt-less water conditioners?

No we do not, because they do not remove calcium or magnesium from your water and have not been proven to work in testing by the Water Quality Association. Here is a direct quote from the EasyWater website regarding build-up of minerals when using their system.
“Evaporative mineral buildup or spotting looks very similar to scale buildup and is made of the same minerals, but forms differently. Evaporative mineral can form on the outside of faucet aerators, shower doors, and counter tops when water splashes and is allowed to dry or evaporate, leaving the minerals behind. Over time, this evaporative mineral will start to cause a buildup if it is not frequently wiped off. Evaporative mineral buildup can still occur with the EasyWater, but the buildup will wipe away more easily.”
With the extremely hard water we have in our area, we know our ClearSoft Hellenbrand softeners will prevent scale from forming.
Any other questions? Give us a call! 952-448-3545